Installing and Watering Your New Plants


Cntainer Trees, Shrubs and Perennials


Once you decide where your new plant will be installed, dig a hole approximately 2 times the width of its container.  Add approximately 1/3 peat moss.  Cow manure or fresh topsoil may also need to be added. All amendments need to be mixed with the existing soil and not simply placed in the bottom of the hole. Remove your new plant from its container and gently loosen the roots before placing it into the ground.  Be sure not to bury your plant too deep.  The soil level should remain the same as it is in the container.


After planting, water by hand using a hose or a watering can depending on the size of the plant.  Be sure the water you are applying is sinking into the soil at the base of the plant and not simply running off into the surrounding area.  Water until the root ball is fully saturated. Check your new plant every other day and water as needed depending on the weather and rainfall. Remember a small plant will hold less water and dry out more quickly.  An automatic irrigation system is not meant to “water in” new plants.  Check your investment and protect it! The first year for any new plant is the most important.


B&B Trees and Shrubs


The principals for planting larger trees and shrubs are relatively the same.  Dig your hole in the same manner and add your amendments.  Be sure to mix the peat moss etc. with your existing soil.  You do not need to remove the burlap or the wire basket (if there is one). Don’t bury your new shrub or tree too deep. The top of the root ball should be slightly above grade.  Be careful when adjusting the plant in the hole. Don’t try to straighten a large tree by pushing or pulling on its trunk.  This will loosen the ball and damage the plant.  Use your shovel to adjust and straighten.  If the plant is on the larger side and has a wire basket, use a pick to hook onto the basket and gently spin the plant until the best “face” is where you want it.  Take your time straightening and facing the plant properly.  Once positioned, cut and remove all rope and untie burlap from trunk.

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