Deer Resistant Plants

Choosing deer resistant plants for your garden will be easy this year with our plant list. Here you will find a large variety of plants that are considered to be highly deer resistant. Stop by and feel free to speak with one of our associates so they can help you design a beautiful deer resistant garden. Plants with an asterix* then to them are highly deer resistant.

Perennials Annuals Shrubs
Achillea* Ageratum Abelia
Aconitum Calendula Andromeda
Agastache* Celosia Barberry (will eat new growth)
Allium Cleome Beauty Berry
Armeria Dusty Miller Blue Mist
Artemisia* Heliotrope Lantana Boxwood
Aster Lobelia Butterfly Bush
Baby’s Breath Marigold Cherry Laurel
Baptisia Nasturtium Nicotiana Cotoneaster
Bee Balm* Poppy Daphne
Bergenia Salvia Deutzia
Bleeding Heart Snapdragon Strawflower Enkianthus
Brunnera Stock Fothergilla
Butterfly weed Sweet Alyssum  
Candy Tuft Verbena Inkberry Holly
Cardinal Flower Zinnia Itea
Catmint*   Juniper
Columbine Ferns Kerria
Coreopsis*   Leucothoe
Corydalis Christmas Lilac
Crocosmia Cinnamon Mahonia
Dicentra* Hayscented Mugo Pine
Digitalis* Holly Plum Yew
Dianthus Japanese Painted Potentilla
Epimedium New York Pyracantha
Euphorbia* Ostrich Rose of Sharon
Ferns (see below) Royal Russian Cypress
Foam Flower Sensitive Scotch Broom
Forget Me Not Wood Skimmia
Foxglove   Smoke Bush
Gay Feather Herbs Spirea
Geranium   St. John’s Wort
Ginger Basil Sweet Bush
Globe Thistle Dill Sweetbox
Helleborus Parsley Viburnum
Golden Rod Rosemary Weigela
Hens & Chicks Thyme  
Iris   Witchhazel
Jacobs Ladder Trees  
Joe Pye Weed    
Lady’s Mantle American Holly     
Lambs Ear Black Pine  
Lavender Blue Spruce  
Lavender Cotton Crape Myrtle  
Lenten Rose Cryptomeria  
Ligularia Cypress  
Lungwort Dragon Lady Holly  
Lupine Dawn Redwood  
Maltese Cross European Beech  
Meadow Rue Japanese Maple  
Mint* Kousa Dogwood         
Obedient Plant Lilac Tree  
Oregano* Magnolia  
Peony Maple  
Poppy Norway Spruce  
Prim Rose Paper Bark  
Red Hot Poker Red Maple  
Rock Cress River Birch  
Russian Sage* Royal Burgundy Cherry  
Salvia* Serviceberry  
Sage Sugar Maple       
Scabiosa White Pine  
Snakeroot White Spruce  
Stokes Aster    
Sweet Woodroof    


Homemade Deer Repellent

4 beaten eggs, the
older the better.

Tip: buy on sale and store in garage.


2 gallons of water


1/3 cup liquid pepper
sauce, the hotter the better. (The mixture should have a pink/orange cast)


1/3 cup of Wilt-Pruf or
Wilt-Stop, found at Riverside Nursery. (The mixture should appear milky)


Mix all ingredients in
a 5 gallon bucket. Transfer to empty dish detergent squeeze bottles. Splash
directly on affected plants and around your property in early AM when it’s
cool. Use one time per week and after heavy rain during the growing season and
once a month during winter.


Smells at first, but
not when dry. The key is to use consistently, so that the deer will stay away.


Recipe courtesy of
Colleen Plimpton.

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